by Weald



Recorded on September 6, 2014 at Alden House by Brian Pauze for a split with Hellisheaven.


As I wander cold and alone
through a degraded landscape
I wonder what went wrong
to create this endless waste
unfit for humanity
can we change this society?
before all existence sends us a message
that we're not welcome on this planet

like scenes from chemical warfare
the spraying commenced
once the soil was vulnerable
the fauna was next
removing species to fit human needs
short sighted stupidity
we live or die in future successions
left up to hidden discretion

non-native species
fertility depleted
disease of affluence
far past capacity
for wildlife and humans
can we survive?
in this world we've created

vengeance for mankind
vengeance for mankind


On this recording: Shane- drums, Naomi- bass, Scott- guitar, Will- guitar and vocals
Weald 2015- Shane- drums, Naomi- bass, Opton- guitar/vocals, Will- guitar/vocals




Weald Connecticut

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